Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yay for the weekend!

...Especially this weekend as its a bank holiday here in Spain! :) Yay!
Though apart from tonight, when the girls are coming round for girls night, most of the bank holiday I will be working on orders. I have so many orders in my little Etsy shop, made a lot bigger by a massive custom order that I will be sewing away most of the weekend....not that I am sewing is my favourite thing to do! :) I am so pleased that the shop seems to be finally taking off! Take a look for yourselves:
This is one of my new items. I have these gorgeous buttons and some new felt and thought they looked good together. I am completely and utterly in the "Christmas zone" now :) It´s not normal! :)
But, alas...not much sewing can be done today...I have a party for us ladies to organise and food and drinks to well as cleaning this apartment!!! So I must dash.....firstly - yummy food to buy :) Happy Saturday everyone! x

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