Monday, November 1, 2010

Bank "holiday" Monday...

So today was a very welcome bank holiday here in Barcelona. Unfortunately, i had to spend it catching up on the shop orders...I say unfortunately...but I really enjoyed it and get a great deal of satisifaction from it :) So, so far I have made 16 gingerbreadmen (I need 39 for orders and at least that again for a craft fair...!) and finally finished off my friend table runner...which I really hope she loves as it was a bit of a bugger to make! As per usual little Milo has spent the entire day sat sleeping and purring next me while I sew away...#gorgeous cat#
Tomorrow back to the day job, I have an early class at 9.30am and quite a busy day there after so no rest for the wicked! But roll on the weekend as my best friend is coming to stay :) YAY!
Happy Monday, oh! and Happy Novemebr everyone! I can nearly smell Christmas!! :)

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