Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thank goodness for tea!

So, very cleverly this morning I locked myself out the house. Even more clever than that I managed to leave my mobile in the house too! and to totally top it all was raining! :) lol

Thankfully and unbeknown to me, I have very nice neighbours (who before this I had seen maybe once or twice in the hallway of the apartment block) and they came to my rescue whilst I was sitting outside the apartment on the floor! :) They took me in, got me to ring my boyfriend at work and then duely drove me to his work to pick up the other set of keys. How nice was that?

So I now know that José and Mari, my lovely neighbours are indeed that...lovely neighbours! :)

I managed to photograph this lavender heart before the commotion :) lol although my camera is blurring a lot these days so I need to have a technical play with it I think. That or ask the boyfriend to sort it out ;) and I am aiming on creating something new today. I have a mountain of orders to do but they can wait till tomorrow when I have a full on sewing is cleaning, washing and creating day :)
Happy Saturday! x

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