Monday, August 29, 2011

FREE GIVEAWAY!!! Numero Dos :)

It´s well overdue!!! and running until the 5th of September.... Yes...I´m having another FREE GIVEAWAY!!!

This time the giveaway is for any one of my signs in the shop (this includes personalised door signs) all you have to do is leave a comment on this post and be a follower of the blog. It´s completely free!!! No tricks - tell your friends!!!

All comments will be printed off and put into a hat to be drawn on the 5th September. The winner will choose a sign in my Etsy shop and it will be posted out the following Monday for them :) Who doesn´t like free things?? :) You could even choose one of the Christmas themed signs and start early! ;)

So - don´t delay guys! Get leaving your comments! and Good Luck! x

Saturday, August 27, 2011

New items!

Lot´s of new items have hit the shop! Especially lot´s of new signs/plaques! I just love making these :)

I also added some more pins/brooches in gorgeous fruit salad colours! Very summery (I was feeling guilty about all the recent Christmas talk! lol) Loads of new things in the check out the shop! !!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Christmas goodies...

More Christmas goodies in the shop today! :) I´ve been a busy bunny this week with plaques and things for the shop :)

I have to go for a fabric and ribbon shop tomorrow to stock up on goodies and then this weekend I´ll have EVEN MORE goodies for the shop :) So keep your eyes peeled folks!

Sad today, as my Dad goes home tomorrow morning back to the UK :( No more visitors now and I have a week home alone (one of my biggest hates - sad face!) so not looking forward to tomorrow...partly, this is why I am going fabric and ribbon shopping to try and keep myself busy!!! :)

Anyway, Happy Thursday folks! x

Make a W I S H on a star...

When you wish upon a star.....

Here´s another Christmas themed product that´s new in the Etsy shop this week :)

I have a few more plaques making their way as well this week - so watch this space!

Happy Thursday folks! x

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Getting in the mood for Christmas!

Over the summer months I don´t teach (my day job).... The perks of the job! 2 months off work ;) During this time I prepare for the christmas season in my shops - my most favourite time of the year :) Here´s my first Christmas creation of the year!

I know it´s only August...but some of us have to plan ahead (and secretly I love it! lol)

So here´s to December and the joys of Christmas! x

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My dearest Auntie Pegs...

My dearest Auntie Peggy passed away at the beginning of this year. We wrote to each other regularly and were both very creative and artistic. When she passed, one thing she left me was a big bowl full of vintage buttons...something I am sooooo pleased about. They are currently back at my Mum´s in the UK, so when I went to visit I chose a bunch of my favourites in different colours to take home to create something with. I have in my head a haert shaped button display on a cushion for our bed :) Making something new and sentimental out of something so simple and basic as buttons. I´m looking forward to getting started on it and will of course, show you all when I´ve finished this space! :)

Hope your all having a nice relaxing Sunday! x

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The good old British summer!

I´ve been back to the UK this month to catch up with family and friends :) The weather was typically British throughout and mainly drizzled or just poured down. But in true Brit style on my last day it was sunny! lol

I sat in my mum´s garden enjoying the sunshine and managed to capture this photo by her pond...I love the way the bee´s legs look like they are swinging :) Just beautiful!

Happy thursday folks! x

Monday, August 15, 2011

Custom order :)

I´ve been silently working away on a customers custom order for the last few weeks....and finally it´s finished and delivered and = one happy customer :)

I love doing custom orders, it gives me the opportunity to design :) But with the designing part comes the responsibility to match their ideas in their heads with what is acheiveable and I´m actually able to do. It makes me really nervous waiting to hear what the customers think and this order was no exception. Thankfully the customer said she loved it so I´m really happy :)

A lovely lot of owl themed nursery things! x x

Monday, August 1, 2011

Loving the pinkness!!!

If yyou haven´t guessed by now I have a little addiction with Pink :) It started as a little girl always eating the pink smarties at nursery and now I am always drawn to pink things and especially fabric.

I recently went into Barcelona centre to find a special little felt shop with my good friend Lucy. After two attempts of trying to find it and at least 40minutes of searching up and down and up and down...and finally we stumbled on it. Felt in every colour...but this shocking pink really impressed me (I did pre-warn you that I am naturally drawn to pink!). So far, not much has been made from it - however it is only day 3 of the summer holidays! :)

Here´s to pink!!! Happy Monday everyone x x