Thursday, September 30, 2010


I think my Christmas bug is contagious :) It´s spreading rapidly!!!

My little shop has been busier than ever and unindated with orders and sewing each night and packing orders :) One happy bunny! Here are some examples of my new items.... (see photos)
Happy Thursday everyone...must dash...orders to sew!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

3 Orders in 3 days! :) admittedly from friends and family...but still! :) Plus they are not all small orders! If I could keep this up every month I would be one happy bunny. It is nice to be putting orders together again and packing them up to be sent to their new homes :) I am having to go and buy some more fabric this afternoon..I´m runing out! .) JOY!
The Pic is of my best seller...these little guys are flying out! Happy Tuesday everyone! x x

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I´m dreaming of a handmade Christmas...

I´m dreaming of a handmade christmas :) Oh yes...!!
I´m really into the swing of deisging my Christmas range, and I am getting lots of inspiration by watching some christmas cooking programmes Victor downloaded for me :) Good old Nigella and Jamie have been really making me feel fesitive! It also helps that the weather the last few days has been rubbish and I haven´t wanted to do anything but sew in front of the TV :) Luuush!
Only two weeks of half term left so I am getting my fill while I can!
Check out the etsy shop guys!!!:

Friday, September 10, 2010

Handmade Halloween...

It´s all getting very Halloween-ish over at mine. I got creative and spent most of the afternoon making these three Halloween Plushes :) I love them! I´m currently designing three Christmas ones as we speak.
Oh! Happy Friday everyone! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend x

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Look what I found...

I went for a wander into town today, not for any particular reason, and to be honest I try to advoid doing that as the temptation to buy stuff is normally more than I can handle. Today was no exception. However I think I made a sound investment (see photo). I found this box of mismatched shades of cream letters, each letter was only €1.30, they just didn´t match with them being different shades, oh! and they didn´t have any "a" ´s lol :) So I picked S, E and W and thought I know what I can do with those and I have now started painting them a gorgeous candy pink for the studio :) delicious!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Handmade aprons, Handmade lavender hearts and christmas gifts galore!!!

I have been a busy bunny the last few days! I can´t say how much this has helped with the homesickness and I´m so glad I managed to find the motivation to start it. I am super proud of my apron I´ve made for my utterly gorgeous niece Lola, it was easier than I thought but took a lot of preperation...something I normally steer well away from, but I am now beginning to see the benifits! :)

I´ve seen a set of baking stuff for little ones as well which together I thought would make a wonderful birthday gift for a 3 year old!

I´ve even been designing some wheat bags (see photo) for gifts for the mum´s and auntie´s which I thought would be nice, I´m just not entirely sure if I can put dried lavender in them as well which I think would be a nice some googling and investiagtion needs to be done! :) But none the less, a nice gift I think when finished.

Along with the Christmas theme I´ve been looking at non-traditional wreaths and how to make one, I came across a nice easy make in an old issue of Sew Hip magazine and so far it looks good...needs a bit further work but hopefully it´ll look great when it´s finished.

So lots still to do and make but I am really happy about these current "makes" - productive days make me very happy :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Christmas gift ideas...

I think I have a problem...

....I´m Christmas crazy! I look at this picture of the christmas tree and lights and baubles and ribbons and I get all giddy! :) I live in Spain...It´s still ridiculously hot here, I´m actually sat here typing in a short summer dress and I am day dreaming about cold winter nights and the twinkle of christmas tree lights! lol :)

So I have been cracking on with gifts for the far I have finished off Lola´s apron (looks ace!), made some funky keyrings for the girls, made a couple of my signs in Spanish for the family over here and of course my good old staple stocking fillers - Lavender hearts (pictured above) Totally hand sewn in front of the telly and then filled with gorgeous dried lavender and finished off. Takes in all about 15minutes and they are so useful! Hang on the door of the bedroom, hand in your wardrobe, put in your drawers, in your car, in your shoes...the places and uses are endless! Infact I make so many for other people I never seem to have enough for me!!! :)

I´ll get camera happy this afternoon for you and get some shots of the presents I´ve made so far so you can have a sneak peak :) Still not being back at work (term doesn´t start until October here) I have LOTS of time on my hands and I am now trying to use it wisely!

Happy Sunday everyone! x

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Christmas cookies :)

Okay...I know I´m Christmas bonkers. Totally Christmas mad. I blame the fact that my mother was as crazy and made sure each and every Christmas was as magical as possible, and ever since I was a small child I have adored Christmas and the run up to my favourite time of year. So I had some spare time this morning and had been thinking about Christmas pressies and things anyway and so decided to make a trial batch of Christmas ginger cookies. (see pic) They are so good I took some round to my better half´s mum, who bless her enjoys my English cooking of cakes and biscuits, so hopefully will enjoy these. I´ve had 6 today already! Not a great idea to help with the diet!!

Today I am planning on finishing my Niece´s apron I have been making her for her 3rd birthday in October. I have it in mind to get her some child´s baking or cooking set as well as she seems to really enjoy cooking with her mum :) I liked the fabric I got from Ikea (amazing quality fabrics at really good prices!) and just tacked pink bias binding around the edges and to make the ties (the ties I doubled the bias binding to make it neater and stronger). Ten minutes to cut out and tac and hopefull not much longer to sew it on Mac!
Happy Weekend everyone! :)