Monday, August 30, 2010

So sad to hear the news today

My fellow blogger, Paul (music is disease) has passed away after a tremendous battle with possibly the worse case of cancer you can get. I was very sad to hear this news as I often read his blog to see how he was getting along. He got diagnoised around the same time a very good friend of mine´s mum did and unfortunately she lost her battle within a few weeks, so Paul´s blog touched a nerve. I know vaguely a friend of his and can see that Paul touched a lot of people, not being particulary religous, but believeing in the power of prayer and positive thinking, tonight Paul I will think of you and send you my best. May you forever more rest in peace and one day be reunited with the ones you love. Sleep tight x

The sun has got his hat on...

So I have had to kick myself in the butt and tell myself to get on with and stop moping about. I was really suffering with the homesickness and felt kinda out of I decided the only thing to cheer me up was good old Christmas! (totally my favourite time of year!!! ...and although no doubt most of you are dreading the words "nearly christmas" for me it never comes soon enough! I am pretty old skool for a twenty-nearer-to-thirty-something and just like the family, the friends, the smells the present giving and the general atmosphere and feeling it gives. SO although the sun has truely still got his hat on...I am here in Sunny Spain dreaming of Christmas :) I am also starting to make a few things for stocking fillers and gifts or loved ones that I hope they´ll love....and slowly and surely it is getting me out of my homesickness tunnel and back into the light (or sunshine! lol) and as per usual little Milo has been sleeping in touching distance throughout :) Bless!
Oh and check out the Etsy shop guys...looking good:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Feeling home sick....

So I have been in Spain, here living for the last year. All in all I love the country, the lifestyle and of course the weather! The downside is everybody else I love lives in the UK. Seeing them once or twice a year is becoming very painful....and I am questioning wether I should stay or go...

decisions...decisions eh?!

Oh! I realised I hadn´t shown you my new make-shift blind I made for my studio (see photo above!) and I´ve attached one of Milo - who has to be in the same room as Mummy if not touching her! lol :) He followsme around like a shadow....even if I´m just popping to the loo! Bless. Hope you guys in the UK are enjoying your bank holiday!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Feeling under the weather but trudging on!!!

I am not the welless (if thats a word?) bunny at the moment. Having problem after problem with my IBS and general stomach/woman bits and today is no better. Sorry...I´m pretty sure you don´t want to hear this but if you don´t know already I had the pleasure of inheriting my mothers way of telling you too much information, so here it is... After popping to the loo earlier I managed to also bring my lunch up (twice! mmmmm yummy!) and have spent the rest of the afternoon snotting up pasta twirls when I blow my nose...gross or what!? My 4 month old kitten Milo looked very concerned with Mummy, and bless him has spent the last 3 hours curled up on the desk here while I type and catch up with business.

SO even though I haven´t been on top form recently, I have managed to make a few lovely things...