Monday, August 30, 2010

The sun has got his hat on...

So I have had to kick myself in the butt and tell myself to get on with and stop moping about. I was really suffering with the homesickness and felt kinda out of I decided the only thing to cheer me up was good old Christmas! (totally my favourite time of year!!! ...and although no doubt most of you are dreading the words "nearly christmas" for me it never comes soon enough! I am pretty old skool for a twenty-nearer-to-thirty-something and just like the family, the friends, the smells the present giving and the general atmosphere and feeling it gives. SO although the sun has truely still got his hat on...I am here in Sunny Spain dreaming of Christmas :) I am also starting to make a few things for stocking fillers and gifts or loved ones that I hope they´ll love....and slowly and surely it is getting me out of my homesickness tunnel and back into the light (or sunshine! lol) and as per usual little Milo has been sleeping in touching distance throughout :) Bless!
Oh and check out the Etsy shop guys...looking good:

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