Monday, April 23, 2012

Milo, my cat, is very, very cheeky. On Sunday morning he cried and cried and pawed at my duvet to me up early....only for me to find him in my bed less than hour later! :) Cheeky boy! He has mastered climbing under the duvet and snuggling up...but seeing him laying his head on the pillow as well did have me in stitches! lol :) 

A sneaky peak...

I thought you might like a sneaky peak of my new line....

I don't have many purpley things in the shop and on my last fabric buying session I purchased some lovely purple gingham and some strong purple felt, then on Sunday I suddenly felt inspired! :) Check out my "Twit-twoo" owl! I think he's super cute. There is going to be a whole line of these gorgeous purple owl's so keep an eye on the shop this week to see more!

Insiration is such a hard thing to find sometimes and I wasn't feeling inspired for such a long time :( I think the day job had been taking too much of my brain just recently! :) So thank goodness I am now inspired!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pin interest love

Sorry I've not been around guys...the day job has been taking over :( I took eleven students to London for the weekend (last weekend) with a colleague and it took a lot of planning!!!

However, fingers crossed the day job is calming down a bit now!

Not much to report I'm afraid guys...I've been working on a few orders I got this week, but I did want to shout out to pin interest ( for basically being just amazing! :) Full of inspiration, beautiful things and "how to's" - I love it!
I found this gorgeous quote on there.....It reminds me of my you! :)

So, back to the day job tomorrow....Hope you all have a great week!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Getting organised for the BIG move home...

I've been getting busy and organised for the BIG move home to the UK this year. I plan on moving back in July/August (dependant on many things). So I have been making things for craft fairs, as while I am inbetween jobs I am going to have to make some money somewhere..!! So I have been crafting away and making loads of things. These button brooches/pins are just one line of the many things I have been making. Don't they look like sweets? :) mmmmmm.... However...sweets without the calories! and at this time of year we all could do with some of those!!! :)

It's the Easter holidays at the moment, so I have a few days off work :) I have managed to get Milo to the vets to get him started on his pet passport for his BIG move to the UK as well, he wasn't happy about it and came home and went straight to my bed and hid under the duvet! :) He has however, now ventured out and seems to be much happier. Poor pussy-cat! :)

Happy Monday folks! x