Saturday, October 22, 2011

New In!!!

Yay!!! I´ve finally got sorted and look my lovely "Make-it kits" are ready!!! :) You guys have the first sneak peak! These are not even in the shop yet! :)
See...??? I told you those brown paper bags were exciting really!!! :)

These make-it kits will be available from this evening in my Etsy shop:

There will be more make-it kits coming!!! :) I love these sooooo much!!!

They also make a great stocking filler or gift idea!

Happy Saturday everyone...hope you are all having a great weekend x x

Friday, October 21, 2011

Exciting things in the post...

Sometimes, the most exicitng things to you, look incredibly boring to another person. My parcel this morning is no exception....

Looks incredibly boring and dull to an on looker but the start of something exciting to me :)

Keep checking in on the blog to find out what is coming next....!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Lot´s of lovely goodies!

Like I said in my last post...I´ve been very, very busy! Getting together enough stock for "Oh mai gat!" in Terrassa and a Christmas market in the UK a friend of mine is doing and selling some of my stock :)

Lot´s of lovely signs made (in English and Catalan) and a ton and half of Gingerbread men and women!

The Etsy shops are starting to attract more people as well and I seem to be having more regular sales :) Yay! So good :)

Happy Monday folks! x

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Getting ready for the shop :)

I´ve been really busy getting my orders ready for the shop in Terrassa....As you can see ;) It is best to make the gingerbread people in batches, first cut them all out, then sew on their faces..., then sew on their gold sequins.... etc... etc...

It is quite a time consuming job, but a satisfying one! I like nothing more than seeng the piles of completed gingerbread people in packs and all labelled and ready to go :)

I am really looking forward to seeing them all in the shop and set up :)

Lot´s more packs to crack on with!!! Happy Sunday folks! x

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lovely Jan....

I recently sent my Etsy Expat friend, Jan, some gingerbreadmen for entering the prize draw last month. She wrote a lovely, lovely review on her blog. Check it out!

She writes a lovely blog and has a real talent for finding vintage fabrics :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Back to the routine and madness!

So today is my last day of freedom before back to work tomorrow! :(
I´ve been super, super busy with shop stuff this weekend in order to try and get ahead. I know once I get back to work it will be difficult (and tiring!) to find the time and fit it all in.

I am secretly looking forward to getting back into the routine and to be earning regular money again! :) Plus I never know what classes I get until right sometimes, it´s exciting and´s horrible!!! :) I´ll find out tomorrow!!! arrrrhhhhh....

Other than that life is very busy.....and quite stressful. I got from the doctors the other day and I have to have lots of tests (mainly horrible ones) on my colon :( Yuck and horrible. But I am super proud of myself as I am being very brave and trying my best to be positive about it all. I´ll keep you updated - but without giving you the gory details! ;)

Have a great Sunday guys! x