Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas is coming!!!

Sorry I've not been around much! I moved house the week before last and not had internet for over a week....It felt like my arm had been cut off! But now I am happily typing this in my new place with my new internet connection :)

The shop has been steady with Christmas orders and there is a special kind of Christmas feeling in the air. I guess it helps that the weather is turning much colder!!!

I've got a special 15% off everything in my Sam's Shenanigans store if you "Like" my facebook page....so check it out on facebook!!! Plus I also have 10% off everything in my The Gingerbreadmama store! :) So get christmas shopping!!!

Every order from the 5th December will also recieve a free gift with their order :) as my way of saying thanks and Merry Christmas!

Happy Tuesday folks! x