Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Birthday ME )

It was my birthday yesterday :) I had a lovely, lovely day spent with good friends and my better half. I was spoilt rotten and now have a house full of flowers and a garden full of plants :)

A huge thank you to my messages, cards and presents guys.

Here´s to 28! :) x x x

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Here comes the sun :)

Welcome to the first day of summer :) The weather has been summer like for quite a while, but today it was exceptionally summer-like. It has been lush! :)

I managed (inbetween exams and the last few classes) to get some photos of stock for the shop :) It was a such a beautiful day I think it always enhances the photos when the weather is so nice!

The day job is manic busy at the moment with the end of term exams and taking up lots of time...roll on next week when the day job routine changes and in theory should be a lot easier and I should have more time to sew ;)

Fingers crossed x x x

Monday, June 13, 2011

He looks like butter wouldn´t melt...

Milo has been getting very brave recently in the garden...he´s starting sneaking to the neighbours terrace (both of which have dogs) and generally just getting braver. But today he earnt his claws :( He got a sparrow :( He was so shocked he ran away from it and looked very surprised it wasn´t moving, which did make me feel better (although I know he´s a natural born killer really..the Mama in me doesn´t want to believe this). So it was up to poor Victor to dispose of the poor birdy....poor thing :(

He really does look like butter wouldn´t melt doesn´t he.....?

Not a good start to the week for the birdy! But it was a nice bank holiday a better start for us.

Happy Monday all x

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Me and the day job...

During the week, Monday to Friday, I am an English teacher. Generally I really enjoy my job, I work with children from as young as 1 years old to adults of all ages. I get to talk all day long, sing, dance, I get hugs and kisses and on top of this I get paid :) lol

A work colleague and friend of mine, came to take some photos of me teaching my 2=3 year olds on Friday, obviously I can´t put pictures of children on here, but here´s some pictures of very tired me on Friday morning teaching :)

Observe....teacher Sam :) x

Thanks Dad! :)

I am truely a daddy´s girl. My father and I are very alike and have similar tastes and hobbies, one of which is gardening. I LOVE gardening. I love the concept of free food and having grown it yourself knowing what has gone into it and how much time and care you give to achieve it :)

I learnt everything I know about gardening from my dad. My dad has a nice big garden and a massive greenhouse. When he was away with work it was up to me to maintain and feed and water the plants; tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, chillies, can think of it...we had it :) which of course my dad still does now, however with me being in Spain the job of plant caretaker has fallen to my brother. I have my own little veg patch to take of now :) and I grew each one from seed, lovingly. So, currently I have some runner beans, tomatoes, peppers and chillies, as well herbs; mint, basil, parsley and rosemary.

I called my dad today, as I always do on a Sunday, and told him my runner beans weren´t looking to healthy. So he told me to check if they had white fly...which I found out they did (small white flies on the underside of the leaves that fly off when you flick the leaf). I had naturally assumed due the ridiculous amount of rain we had had lately that the runner beans just didn´t appreciate it. So dad gave me a nice cheap trick to get rid of them, as apparently they will kill the plant and drain it of life. "Next time you wash up.." he said, "Fill a spray bottle with the soapy water and spray the underside of the leaves with throughily." he told me it will not only kill the white fly but hopefully prevent more of them. So as soon as I got off the phone with him I filled a bottle with weak soapy water and sprayed away. Fingers crossed!!!

He also told me to spray my tomato plants, as they are more than likely attacked as well. "You can tell if they are as the new leaves will curl right under" he said, and after checking my plants, one was certainly covered! (see photos!) So all my tomatoes, beans and peppers have been soapy sprayed.....hes hoping the white flies find a new home soon!!!

One happy gardening day :) x

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beans on toast - or - Toast on beans?

Being an expat, there are certain things that draw you closer to other Expats....Like Baked beans for example! :)

I have a lovely friend, Laura, however Laura has one little bizzare flaw.....She enjoys her Beans UNDER her toast. Bizzare!!! Please see the photos for further proof of this bizarre bean enjoyment.... (Please note I am the normal person having beans ON toast as they should be! :) lol)

Happy Weekend folks! x

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It´s raining, it´s pouring!

Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! The weather in Barcelona and (after being informed by Etsy Expat friend in Palma) so no doubt the rest of Spain has been awful the last fornight, losts of reallt strong thunder and lighting storms and black skies. LOTS of water as well - all very unusual for this time of year! and although I m normally pleased for a bit of rain, it really is starting to make my tomatoes look "weathered" :(

I am manic busy at the moment with work. As the term is drawing to an end we are going through the exams - lots of stress, marking and revision planning. More yuck!

I have lots of projects on the go and lots of new items to share with you - they just aren´t photographed yet as work is so mad! But I hope this weekend (its a bank holiday on Monday!!!) I will be able to finish one or two things and get the shop updated :)

Well, no rest for the wicked ;) Back to work I go!

Happy Wednesday everyone! x

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lovely new items!

Lots of lovely new items on the Sam´s Shenanigans Etsy shop this week :) Yay!

I have been busy the last week sewing away and finally got round to uploading them last night.

I have a big custom order to get through over the next couple of weeks so the shop may be a little quiet with new items until they are uploaded and finished...but they are worth the wait..I promise :)

I have Girl´s night at the new house this weekend and looking forward to spending time with the girl´s and having a few drinks in good company :)

Other than that exams, exams, exams, exams at work so some stress and not much sleep at the moment!! But once they are over I will start on the summer club which will be much more fun :)

Happy Wednesday everyone! We´re half way there!!! :) x