Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yay for the weekend!

...Especially this weekend as its a bank holiday here in Spain! :) Yay!
Though apart from tonight, when the girls are coming round for girls night, most of the bank holiday I will be working on orders. I have so many orders in my little Etsy shop, made a lot bigger by a massive custom order that I will be sewing away most of the weekend....not that I am sewing is my favourite thing to do! :) I am so pleased that the shop seems to be finally taking off! Take a look for yourselves:
This is one of my new items. I have these gorgeous buttons and some new felt and thought they looked good together. I am completely and utterly in the "Christmas zone" now :) It´s not normal! :)
But, alas...not much sewing can be done today...I have a party for us ladies to organise and food and drinks to well as cleaning this apartment!!! So I must dash.....firstly - yummy food to buy :) Happy Saturday everyone! x

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A handmade Christmas....

This year, because I clearly have lots of time on hands (...not!) I am going to be making a few christmas presents...Scrabble pictures being one of them. The picture is one I am making for myself (as clearly I can´t put other peoples christmas presents on here yet!) and I particulary like the scrabble pictures. Of course a few relatives will recieve the odd "Sam´s Shenanigans" item...lavender hearts etc as stocking fillers and I am going to try and run up some bags for the girls...but we´ll see hoe much time I actually get!!! :)
I have been buying lots of lovely Christmas pressies from the wonderful other sellers on Etsy as well...spread the know...
So, so far, so good on the christmas pressies, but I´ll have to hold off for a few weeks till more pennies Nearly at the weekend folks....not long now!!! Happy Thursday :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting organised and creative :)

So my studio was getting a little out of hand....So last night I found 20 minutes to go in and have a sort out. I have been stocking up on lots of supplies recently and things were pouring out of jars and out of bags and it was just a mess! I am not a naturally tidy person at all...I blame my creativity! ;)
But I got some lovely new jars for my buttons and because I had got organised last night I was able to make some lovely new things for the shop :) pictures coming soon.......
....and good news an old colleague of mine is doing a big Christmas market in Beverley, East Yorkshire (my hometown) on the 12th Decemeber and has asked if my little gingerbreadmen would like to go on a sale or return :) How thoughtful! So I will be busy with gingerbreadmen and mrs for the next few weeks!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

I got up early...

So I got up early to photograph some new stock and do some sorting out, as you can see Milo decided as he often does, that he would help. He sat as good as gold for about a minute then took great delight in flicking my new buttons off the table and watching them bounce to the floor.....naughty kitty!

He really is very sweet though...wherever I am, he has to be. He gets quite distressed if I close a door and will sit and cry outside it. A total mummies boy!

So today is Monday :( Booooooooo....... but I am not too down about it, next Monday is a bank holiday and I am going to try and just get through the week!!! One week....One week.... I am having the girls over for "Girl´s night" on Saturday and the following weekend

one of my best friends is coming for the weeekend and I haven´t seen her since June :) So lots to look forward to! :) Right, let the week commence....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween make it....

So I´ve started getting ready for Halloween....

#Horrible witchy Halloween cackle# :)

Lazy Sunday ;)

So Milo and I have decided that Sunday should be a lazy one. We´ve been really busy of late and both Victor and I have had ridiculous stress levels a lazy morning that turned into day has been a welcome relief! :)
Milo has enjoyed the autumn sunshine through the patio doors and I´ve enjoyed catching up on the shop, facebook and emails while watching a cheesy chick flick :) Gotta love those lazy Sundays! Hope your all enjoying your day as much as we are here in EspaƱa!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fin de Semana!

Finally the weekend has arrived! It has been a very long week and I really needed a break (or change of job as I call it, to cleaner! lol) But I am hoping to have at least a few hours this weekend to get creative! I recieved some much needed supplies in the week.

This gorgeous Babushka applique - not sure what I am going to use her for yet....but she keeps whispering my name and calling me back into the studio to make something with her. I bought her from a fellow Etsian, check out her gorgeous items:

I also recieved these gorgeous buttons from:

Check it out! Amazing little buttons and supplies!

So I have plenty to keep me entertained ;) I have started my Christmas shopping as well...and I am loving reciving the little parcels filled with pressies through the post. Happy Fin de Semana all! x

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Good Morning Everyone :)

The weekend has finally arrived :) I have quite a busy little weekend again, today we are having lunch with the in-laws (who are actually very nice....just don´t speak a word of English and so my Spanish is very much tested), we have to venture back to Ikea (after the mammoth 5 hour stint in there last weekend) as they didn´t have a rug we were after, so going back to retrieve! Then doing a little clothes shopping as we are both very desperate for some new ones. Sunday I am going to the beautiful village my friend lives in called Vacarisis (about 10-20 minutes away from us in the not so beautiful Terrassa) for her birthday, there are a few of us invitied for a good old English cakes and tea afternoon :) How kitsch is that! :) So I am in charge of making a cake....which I am actually quite good I better get´s not going to make itself!

No real creative plans this weekend...not that I don´t want to be is sooooooo fustrating not having the time anymore! Next weekend I am dedicating the WHOLE weekend to it!!!

Oh and as you can see....I am looking forward to Halloween and carving my pumpkin :) The photos were taken when we went to Portaventura the other weekend and they got me in the mood for it all.....Happy weekend everyone!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lovely Jan at the lovely Fabrique Fantastique...

I had a lovely comment left by Jan the writer of "A passion for vintage textiles" (blog), please see link:

I met her, I say "met" via the Etsy Expat group and she has some gorgeous items in her Etsy shop...lots of wonderful vintage finds and fabrics..worth a please check her out on her blog (link above) or shop:

As for me...the lesson went much better this morning you´ll be pleased to hear...thank goodness! But the Etsy shop is a little slow. Time for some more items me thinks!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Etsy moving a little slow this month...

So September was a great month in my little Etsy shop...but this month has been very slow...and not without trying! I am hoping it picks up next month or in a couple of weeks time for the Christmas season. Fingers crossed!

I had an early class this morning so I had to get up early, however it gives me lots of time in the early afternoon to catch up, which I kind of did. I managed to make two new signs (photos to follow shortly!) and completed an order :) Much better!

Now to go back into work for two more classes and then that´s me done for the day :)

I am however dreading tomorrow....I have a class that went horribly last week and I am not looking forward to it. Cross your fingers for me...I need all the luck I can get with this one!!!

Happy Thursday everyone! x

Monday, October 11, 2010

Handmade Signs...

I have some blank signs I really need to get on with tomorrow...I hate having fabric or materials just sat there when they could made and put together to got into my etsy shop! :)
So this and my friends order of a table runner must be done tomorrow! One more day of my long Spanish bank holiday left and I intend on using to it´s fullest. As well as topping up the sleep levels ;)
The photo is a pic I took of the sign I have custom made for a friend of mine.....Milo was in posey I took full advantage!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

So....a very good friend of mine who has the similar disease of obsessed with sewing running through her blood, commented that she reads my blog but I don´t write much on I am going to try and change that! :) lol

I must first of all tell you how excitied I am......I recieved an order yesterday for some of my little gingerbread men.....from the Ralph Lauren store in New york!!!! :) How excitied am I????

1 x pack of ginerbread men and 1 x pack of gingerbread ladies :) Cross your fingers this leads to exciting things!!!!
Not much to report...I´m back at the day job :( BOOOO! So its been limiting my time for sewing...however, this weekend is a long bank holiday and considering I am meant to be cleaning the apartment and so far I have only cleaned my can tell where I am going to be spending it :) hee hee
So I will leave you all with my excitied feeling and promise to keep you posted. Happy Weekend everyone! :) x x