Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fin de Semana!

Finally the weekend has arrived! It has been a very long week and I really needed a break (or change of job as I call it, to cleaner! lol) But I am hoping to have at least a few hours this weekend to get creative! I recieved some much needed supplies in the week.

This gorgeous Babushka applique - not sure what I am going to use her for yet....but she keeps whispering my name and calling me back into the studio to make something with her. I bought her from a fellow Etsian, check out her gorgeous items:

I also recieved these gorgeous buttons from:

Check it out! Amazing little buttons and supplies!

So I have plenty to keep me entertained ;) I have started my Christmas shopping as well...and I am loving reciving the little parcels filled with pressies through the post. Happy Fin de Semana all! x


  1. Lovely lovely buttons! I am sure they are edible ;) x x

  2. hahahahaha they certainly look it...I have yet to try! ;)