Saturday, October 9, 2010

So....a very good friend of mine who has the similar disease of obsessed with sewing running through her blood, commented that she reads my blog but I don´t write much on I am going to try and change that! :) lol

I must first of all tell you how excitied I am......I recieved an order yesterday for some of my little gingerbread men.....from the Ralph Lauren store in New york!!!! :) How excitied am I????

1 x pack of ginerbread men and 1 x pack of gingerbread ladies :) Cross your fingers this leads to exciting things!!!!
Not much to report...I´m back at the day job :( BOOOO! So its been limiting my time for sewing...however, this weekend is a long bank holiday and considering I am meant to be cleaning the apartment and so far I have only cleaned my can tell where I am going to be spending it :) hee hee
So I will leave you all with my excitied feeling and promise to keep you posted. Happy Weekend everyone! :) x x

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