Monday, October 25, 2010

I got up early...

So I got up early to photograph some new stock and do some sorting out, as you can see Milo decided as he often does, that he would help. He sat as good as gold for about a minute then took great delight in flicking my new buttons off the table and watching them bounce to the floor.....naughty kitty!

He really is very sweet though...wherever I am, he has to be. He gets quite distressed if I close a door and will sit and cry outside it. A total mummies boy!

So today is Monday :( Booooooooo....... but I am not too down about it, next Monday is a bank holiday and I am going to try and just get through the week!!! One week....One week.... I am having the girls over for "Girl´s night" on Saturday and the following weekend

one of my best friends is coming for the weeekend and I haven´t seen her since June :) So lots to look forward to! :) Right, let the week commence....

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