Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bracelets coming out my ears!!!!

I literally...(ok..not literally...that would be weird! lol) have friendship bracelets coming out of my ears :) I have made over 100 this month for orders in varying colours, styles and lengths. I have been making them since I was 11 years old, when, then, I would pass them onto friends and wear them myself, however, now...I just sell them :)

I´ve had a few busy weeks with the day job and the shop has been having quite a few orders running through it as well, which of course, has made me very happy :) This weekend I am planning on taking the day off on Sunday (something I don´t normally do as I work for the shop on Sundays) and I am planning on going out. Fingers crossed for nice weather so I can go to the beach and have a nice spot of lunch and a cheeky glass of afternoon wine ;) The weather the past few days has been beautiful and today is so warm I have a t-shirt and a cardigan on...and...I´m warm! :)

The weeks are rolling in one and I can´t believe we are already at the door of March! It´ll be summer before we know it! Happy Wednesday folks! x

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hard week

It´s been one of those difficult weeks ..(oh, just realised - only half way through as well! urghhh...). I haven´t seemed to have enough time to do or catch up with anything, work is coming out of my ears, both in the day job (urgh..) and in the shop (Yay!), I haven´t even had the time to go to the supermarket and this morning I offically ran out of toothpaste :( lol. It´s also the anniversary of loosing someone too young and too soon today, this always makes me sad and makes me think too much. My friend has her mother´s anniversary of loss tomorrow :( So all in all it´s just being one of those shitty week´s you hope hurries up and buggers off!

although I have lieterally been too busy to buy toothpaste (lol again), I have managed to complete a few little projects for the shop for Mother´s day I was working on. See picture.

Okay...well, no rest for the wicked! I have another class to teach! Happy Wednesday everyone. I hope yours is much more productive and much happier than mine this week! :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

What a wonderful weekend!

I've been away this weekend, I went home for a few days for a very special event....My parents wedding. It always sounds so funny...what being the wrong side of nearly 30 to be saying that. I started the weekend being one of three and I am ending it being one of eight! (See photo for some of the siblings!) We had a wonderful weekend and it was really special to spend it with everyone. So here's to my mum and step-dad!!!! I hope you have a lifetime of happiness x x x x

Monday, February 6, 2012

Fun in the snow

I took a well deserved weekend off last weekend. No exam marking, no lesson planning, no sewing, no orders, no shop stuff.....just friends, snow and skiing. Eight of us went to La Molina, a ski town about 2 and a half hours away (by train) from Barcelona to spend the weekend in a chalet in the mountains, skiing and enjoying each other´s company. It was a great weekend and even better company. We even got a ton of real snow on the second day we were there :) (See picture - I´m the one in the pink! lol). My mind feels relaxed and body however is achy and! Happy Monday! x

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hump day!

...Not literally as that would be a bit risqué even for me, to write on my blog :) lol But here, yet again, is Wednesday. The hump in the week,(Thus the "Humpness").

The weather in Catalunya is wet and very, very cold for here. However I secretly don´t mind too much as I am going skiing for the weekend (doesn´t that sound so cool and like I actually know what I´m doing!? The truth is it´s the second time I´ve been skiing in my life and the last time I was 13!) but if the weather is cold and wet here.....there is a very good chance it is cold and snowy in the moutains :) A large group of us are going and I can´t wait to get a big lung full of fresh air and no doubt have a relaxing and fun weekend with friends....even if I do spend 90% of it on my arse!

The shop is getting fuller....I have been adding a few new items that I have been happily working on over the last few days and I particulary love this mini scatter cushion. This actual piece has been in construction for the best part of 6 months!

I have a very busy month ahead, as well a few custom orders which are quite time I doubt very much there will be many new items gracing the shop anytime soon :( Enjoy while you can! Happy Hump day all! x