Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hump day!

...Not literally as that would be a bit risqué even for me, to write on my blog :) lol But here, yet again, is Wednesday. The hump in the week,(Thus the "Humpness").

The weather in Catalunya is wet and very, very cold for here. However I secretly don´t mind too much as I am going skiing for the weekend (doesn´t that sound so cool and like I actually know what I´m doing!? The truth is it´s the second time I´ve been skiing in my life and the last time I was 13!) but if the weather is cold and wet here.....there is a very good chance it is cold and snowy in the moutains :) A large group of us are going and I can´t wait to get a big lung full of fresh air and no doubt have a relaxing and fun weekend with friends....even if I do spend 90% of it on my arse!

The shop is getting fuller....I have been adding a few new items that I have been happily working on over the last few days and I particulary love this mini scatter cushion. This actual piece has been in construction for the best part of 6 months!

I have a very busy month ahead, as well a few custom orders which are quite time I doubt very much there will be many new items gracing the shop anytime soon :( Enjoy while you can! Happy Hump day all! x

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  1. Enjoy your skiing Sam!!! that is something i have not done so far.. but i hope to go volcano climbing this month:) also sounds cool no???
    Congrats too on your orders!!!!