Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hard week

It´s been one of those difficult weeks ..(oh, just realised - only half way through as well! urghhh...). I haven´t seemed to have enough time to do or catch up with anything, work is coming out of my ears, both in the day job (urgh..) and in the shop (Yay!), I haven´t even had the time to go to the supermarket and this morning I offically ran out of toothpaste :( lol. It´s also the anniversary of loosing someone too young and too soon today, this always makes me sad and makes me think too much. My friend has her mother´s anniversary of loss tomorrow :( So all in all it´s just being one of those shitty week´s you hope hurries up and buggers off!

although I have lieterally been too busy to buy toothpaste (lol again), I have managed to complete a few little projects for the shop for Mother´s day I was working on. See picture.

Okay...well, no rest for the wicked! I have another class to teach! Happy Wednesday everyone. I hope yours is much more productive and much happier than mine this week! :)

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