Monday, September 26, 2011

Sam´s Shenanigans & The Gingerbreadmama are hitting the Spanish highstreet!!!

So, I can finally spill the beans!! Sam´s Shenanigans & The Gingerbreadmama will be very shortly starting their debut onto the highstreet in Spain :)

From November you can find my gingerbreadmen and some other lines in this lovely shop "Oh mai gat!" in Terrassa, just outside of Barcelona.

This is a complete first for me and I have never even attempted anything on this kind of scale so I am very excitied and a little nervous! :) One step closer to that world domination!!!

Happy Monday folks! x

Friday, September 23, 2011

Exciting news....

I have some (hopefully) very exciting news regarding Sam´s Shenanigans & The Gingerbreadmama...but I can´t tempt fate and spill just yet...not until I know it´s going to 100% go ahead. It´s VERY fustrating!!! I want to tell the world!!

I should know sometime next keep an eye out and I will spill!! :)

Happy Friday folks! I´m not back into the school/work thing until October so I am not feeling the benifit of a Friday yet...but I hope you are all enjoying it! Have a great weekend! x

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Custom orders :)

So the Gingerbread race has begun! Two gingerbread custom orders in a week ;) Let´s hope they drive as mad as they did last year!!! :) lol

I have new tags for my gingerbreadmen and women now as well.... From the lovely people at Moo ( Half the size of business cards and ideal as tags for my items :)

Happy wednesday folks! x

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cullera :)

We´ve just got back from a few days away in Cullera, just outside Valencia. Pure paradise. Our apartment looked out to pure sea and it is easy to see how people thought the world was flat...doesn´t it look like the edge of the world?! :)


Back to business today though and a few sales :) Yay! My 60th sale on Sam´s Shenanigans and my first sale for The Gingerbreadmama! Yay! :)

Happy Monday folks! x

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Gingerbread people!

Gorgeous new gingerbread people for The Gingerbreadmama´s store!

Secretly my favourite in the store at the moment ;) You know my thing with pink ;)

Happy weekend folks! x

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Not just all holiday stuff!

Although the shop has been re-stocked with lots of lovely holiday´s not just all holiday items! I´m still very true to my pink roots ;) and have uploaded lots of lovey girly pink and purple items. Now...although these aren´t holiday items...there would be nothing wrong with giving them as holiday gifts!?! :) hee hee.

Giveaway news...

So I ran a giveaway for a week and only two lovely people entered. It seems wrong to do a draw with just two girls let me know which sign you would like and I will get them out to you! (Either comment on here on convo me on Etsy). Thanks for entering girls!

Lots of new things listed onto the shop this week! Christmas and other holidays are coming in a big way and my shop is stocked full of lovely treasures :) (As is ) so please take a moment to have a look and get inspired for gifts and decorations!

Happy Tuesday folks! x

Friday, September 2, 2011

Free Giveaway...??? Anyone...???

So I´ve been running my free giveaway (for ANY sign in my Etsy store) for a few days..and I´m kinda disappointed. Only two people seem to want my work for FREE :(

Makes a girl feel very unloved!!! and unwanted!!

There´s only three days to if you still want to go into the draw you need to comment on the other post (FREE GIVEAWAY numero dos) to be added. of the two lovely people who would like my work will stand a very VERY good chance of getting something!