Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lots of lovely new things on Etsy!!!

I have uploaded lots of lovely new things onto my Etsy shop today :)

You can check them out here:

I am really glad I have found the time to upload this lot of goodies as they have been hanging around in the "made" cupboard for a while now and need to find nice new homes :) so hopefully they will very soon.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The joys of being a teacher!

Now everyone knows the perks of being a teacher are the holidays :) Being crafty hey help to satisfy my ever growing need to make things as I have plenty of time to get on with my little projects. However there is a major downside....infections, illness, coughs, colds, headlice, and any other joy your favorite students wish to share with you :) So term 2 and as with all good traditions I am now feeling ill again. Annoying cough and very uncomfortable chest, feeling very tight and very cold :(
I have promised myself I will go to the docotors tomorrow if I don't feel any better, as the hypocondriac in me is panicing it's pneumonia!!! :) I am sure it is just a chest infection or something suitably lovely! lol I would just like to be well for a term please!!! :)
I have added a nice bright sunny welcome sign photo to this post to cheer myself and you up :) I think these would make a lovely way to welcome guests into your home!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

This week

So this week's been crazy.....It's been mad with work, unfortunately the wrong kind (the real job!) hee hee.

One of our poor teacher's has come down with chicken pox so that caused quite a bit of subbing.
However I found the time to put a few of my signs onto ebay in the hopes I can sell a couple and hopefully next week I will find five minutes to create! The nearest I have got this week is looking at fabric and dream shopping!!
Roll on next week........

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lovely new things...

Lovely new things for the "made" cupboard :) Gorgeous ribbon broches! I particulary like the red and blue ones.....being the Brit I am :)
Keep an eye out for the plaques and goodies I made this weekend.....I'll update here with them as soon as possible!!!!

Busy Bunny....

I have been a very busy bunny this week. I'm trying to build my stocks to put onto Etsy at the end of the month. I managed to make five fabulous plaques (if I say so myself!) as well as some drawstring bags, and some very cute little brooches made out of gogeous ribbons and buttons. I also stocked up on zips to carry on my little making spree :) I just wish I had a few days off to concentrate on them!!!
The weekends go by too quickly!!! :(
I have been sooooooo inspired and full of creativity just recently I am finidng it very fustrating not to have the time to dedicate to it :(
(well.....not as much time as I would like!) Photos of the new stuff will be up shortly! and of course check out the Etsy shop as well!!! ( )

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thinks......It's been "one of those" weeks!!!

It has been "one of those" weeks...thats for sure! So I am relaxing with a glass of yummy wine (or two) and designing items in my head for weekend projects! I have a couple of cushions and a door draft excluder to run up for a friend, but other than that I want to be creative and make something beautiful :)
I find sewing so relaxing and such a good way to output my creativity.
Thank god it's friday eh guys?!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's been a while....

I suddenly realised it has probably been a couple of weeks since I had a really good crafting and sewing session. So although tonight I will have to do some lesson planning for work tomorrow, I am going to dedicate the rest of the day to being creative!

I have a feeling this week at work is going to be a little bit crazy, so I need to get my creative fix while I can!!!!! :) Roll on the Easter half term!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back to routine....

Okay so we've got over Christmas, and New Year, and here in Spain we also celebrate "The Kings" (6th) which celebrates when the three kings went to see baby Jesus - I honestly don't think that many people are religous in Spain and it is used more as an extention of Christmas (and an excuse to get more presents!) but it's nice and extends the holidays here, as well as provides nice cultural evens such as parades in the towns.
But now Kings is over, today was the first day back "in the real world" and back to work :(
Although hardly any students turned up....!!! I am actually quite glad to be back at work and to get back into the routine. I am starting the post-christmas diet on Monday so the routine will help! Bring out the Davina dvd and eat salad for 6 weeks...oh joy! But living in Spain it must be done! The weather will soon be changing and that bikini will be calling!!!
I am planning on spending at least half day this weekend crafting as well.....I am in two minds as to whether I should sew or make some signs (as pictured above)....mmmmm...decisions....decisions!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome to the world of Sam's Shenanigans... a little about me.....I live just outside Barcelona, however originally I am from Yorkshire in England. I moved here nearly a year ago, and as with all great stories it was purely for love. My boyfriend and I have been "together" (be it sometimes in different countries!) for over 6 years now, and I guess it got to a point where we couldn't be apart any longer. (Awwwww..)

I am in no ways fluent in Spanish..but I get by and I have regular lessons so as they say in Spain "Poca a Poca" (or little by little to you and me English speakers!) I am an English teacher in a language school here and I love my job....but just not as much as creating and sewing! I have been dabbling with my little hobby of sewing and crafting for a few years now. I have found that the more I create, the more I want to do it and it is my main passion in life. I am always creating something...even if it is a day dream mock up in my head! :)

So 2010 I have decided is going to my year. No more waiting for things to happen....(what is that saying...?) If Mohammed won't go the mountain...the mountain will go to Mohammed....or something like that..?! :)

So welcome to the world of Sam's Shenanigans :) We are very pleased to see you. Take a look at our projects...our inspiration and anything else that comes along! Oh! and please feel free to leave a comment (or two!) x