Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The joys of being a teacher!

Now everyone knows the perks of being a teacher are the holidays :) Being crafty hey help to satisfy my ever growing need to make things as I have plenty of time to get on with my little projects. However there is a major downside....infections, illness, coughs, colds, headlice, and any other joy your favorite students wish to share with you :) So term 2 and as with all good traditions I am now feeling ill again. Annoying cough and very uncomfortable chest, feeling very tight and very cold :(
I have promised myself I will go to the docotors tomorrow if I don't feel any better, as the hypocondriac in me is panicing it's pneumonia!!! :) I am sure it is just a chest infection or something suitably lovely! lol I would just like to be well for a term please!!! :)
I have added a nice bright sunny welcome sign photo to this post to cheer myself and you up :) I think these would make a lovely way to welcome guests into your home!

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