Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back to routine....

Okay so we've got over Christmas, and New Year, and here in Spain we also celebrate "The Kings" (6th) which celebrates when the three kings went to see baby Jesus - I honestly don't think that many people are religous in Spain and it is used more as an extention of Christmas (and an excuse to get more presents!) but it's nice and extends the holidays here, as well as provides nice cultural evens such as parades in the towns.
But now Kings is over, today was the first day back "in the real world" and back to work :(
Although hardly any students turned up....!!! I am actually quite glad to be back at work and to get back into the routine. I am starting the post-christmas diet on Monday so the routine will help! Bring out the Davina dvd and eat salad for 6 weeks...oh joy! But living in Spain it must be done! The weather will soon be changing and that bikini will be calling!!!
I am planning on spending at least half day this weekend crafting as well.....I am in two minds as to whether I should sew or make some signs (as pictured above)....mmmmm...decisions....decisions!

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