Thursday, October 28, 2010

A handmade Christmas....

This year, because I clearly have lots of time on hands (...not!) I am going to be making a few christmas presents...Scrabble pictures being one of them. The picture is one I am making for myself (as clearly I can´t put other peoples christmas presents on here yet!) and I particulary like the scrabble pictures. Of course a few relatives will recieve the odd "Sam´s Shenanigans" item...lavender hearts etc as stocking fillers and I am going to try and run up some bags for the girls...but we´ll see hoe much time I actually get!!! :)
I have been buying lots of lovely Christmas pressies from the wonderful other sellers on Etsy as well...spread the know...
So, so far, so good on the christmas pressies, but I´ll have to hold off for a few weeks till more pennies Nearly at the weekend folks....not long now!!! Happy Thursday :)

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