Thursday, August 19, 2010

Feeling under the weather but trudging on!!!

I am not the welless (if thats a word?) bunny at the moment. Having problem after problem with my IBS and general stomach/woman bits and today is no better. Sorry...I´m pretty sure you don´t want to hear this but if you don´t know already I had the pleasure of inheriting my mothers way of telling you too much information, so here it is... After popping to the loo earlier I managed to also bring my lunch up (twice! mmmmm yummy!) and have spent the rest of the afternoon snotting up pasta twirls when I blow my nose...gross or what!? My 4 month old kitten Milo looked very concerned with Mummy, and bless him has spent the last 3 hours curled up on the desk here while I type and catch up with business.

SO even though I haven´t been on top form recently, I have managed to make a few lovely things...


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