Monday, September 6, 2010

Handmade aprons, Handmade lavender hearts and christmas gifts galore!!!

I have been a busy bunny the last few days! I can´t say how much this has helped with the homesickness and I´m so glad I managed to find the motivation to start it. I am super proud of my apron I´ve made for my utterly gorgeous niece Lola, it was easier than I thought but took a lot of preperation...something I normally steer well away from, but I am now beginning to see the benifits! :)

I´ve seen a set of baking stuff for little ones as well which together I thought would make a wonderful birthday gift for a 3 year old!

I´ve even been designing some wheat bags (see photo) for gifts for the mum´s and auntie´s which I thought would be nice, I´m just not entirely sure if I can put dried lavender in them as well which I think would be a nice some googling and investiagtion needs to be done! :) But none the less, a nice gift I think when finished.

Along with the Christmas theme I´ve been looking at non-traditional wreaths and how to make one, I came across a nice easy make in an old issue of Sew Hip magazine and so far it looks good...needs a bit further work but hopefully it´ll look great when it´s finished.

So lots still to do and make but I am really happy about these current "makes" - productive days make me very happy :)

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