Sunday, September 5, 2010

Christmas gift ideas...

I think I have a problem...

....I´m Christmas crazy! I look at this picture of the christmas tree and lights and baubles and ribbons and I get all giddy! :) I live in Spain...It´s still ridiculously hot here, I´m actually sat here typing in a short summer dress and I am day dreaming about cold winter nights and the twinkle of christmas tree lights! lol :)

So I have been cracking on with gifts for the far I have finished off Lola´s apron (looks ace!), made some funky keyrings for the girls, made a couple of my signs in Spanish for the family over here and of course my good old staple stocking fillers - Lavender hearts (pictured above) Totally hand sewn in front of the telly and then filled with gorgeous dried lavender and finished off. Takes in all about 15minutes and they are so useful! Hang on the door of the bedroom, hand in your wardrobe, put in your drawers, in your car, in your shoes...the places and uses are endless! Infact I make so many for other people I never seem to have enough for me!!! :)

I´ll get camera happy this afternoon for you and get some shots of the presents I´ve made so far so you can have a sneak peak :) Still not being back at work (term doesn´t start until October here) I have LOTS of time on my hands and I am now trying to use it wisely!

Happy Sunday everyone! x

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