Saturday, September 4, 2010

Christmas cookies :)

Okay...I know I´m Christmas bonkers. Totally Christmas mad. I blame the fact that my mother was as crazy and made sure each and every Christmas was as magical as possible, and ever since I was a small child I have adored Christmas and the run up to my favourite time of year. So I had some spare time this morning and had been thinking about Christmas pressies and things anyway and so decided to make a trial batch of Christmas ginger cookies. (see pic) They are so good I took some round to my better half´s mum, who bless her enjoys my English cooking of cakes and biscuits, so hopefully will enjoy these. I´ve had 6 today already! Not a great idea to help with the diet!!

Today I am planning on finishing my Niece´s apron I have been making her for her 3rd birthday in October. I have it in mind to get her some child´s baking or cooking set as well as she seems to really enjoy cooking with her mum :) I liked the fabric I got from Ikea (amazing quality fabrics at really good prices!) and just tacked pink bias binding around the edges and to make the ties (the ties I doubled the bias binding to make it neater and stronger). Ten minutes to cut out and tac and hopefull not much longer to sew it on Mac!
Happy Weekend everyone! :)

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