Sunday, August 21, 2011

My dearest Auntie Pegs...

My dearest Auntie Peggy passed away at the beginning of this year. We wrote to each other regularly and were both very creative and artistic. When she passed, one thing she left me was a big bowl full of vintage buttons...something I am sooooo pleased about. They are currently back at my Mum´s in the UK, so when I went to visit I chose a bunch of my favourites in different colours to take home to create something with. I have in my head a haert shaped button display on a cushion for our bed :) Making something new and sentimental out of something so simple and basic as buttons. I´m looking forward to getting started on it and will of course, show you all when I´ve finished this space! :)

Hope your all having a nice relaxing Sunday! x

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