Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You can´t catch me...I´m the gingerbreadman!

.....literally! I can´t seem to keep up with Gingerbreadmen orders :) I am not at all complaining though. I just never imagined they would be so popular! I have two big orders to rattle through this week and at a push next, and then I want to get creative as I haven´t had time to do anything new...but I had been stocking up on fabric over the last few months, so I have lots of things to play with when I do get a moment. I also recieved my gorgeous new business cards (see the super quick snapshot) and they are sooooooooooo cool! Very impressed with them...so much so...I ordered some more! You can never have too many business cards! ;) lol. I am quite amazed at how fast the week is going this week...it´ll be Christmas before we all know it! Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Looked at Moo yesterday, at least I will order the 50 free....yours are very cute, Sam, did you order the spotty background or was it one og their stocks....J

  2. PS...love the way the comments come up in pink!

  3. hahahaha as if there is another colour choice!? lol :)

    No I took a photo fo some spotty felt I had...cool right? :)