Thursday, November 18, 2010

I know I am poorly when....

...I go to bed early with no tea, (I eat a not eating is a real sign I am unwell).

It appears I have been buring the candle at both ends (what with the shop being as busy as it has been the last few weeks) and working "part-time" as an English teacher, (I say "part-time" as I am in EVERY morning and EVERY evening...go figure..). I was violently sick yesterday after lunch, which unfortunately seems to becoming something of a habit....and then cleaned myself up and went to work. I should have however, rang in and not gone in as I really wasn´t well. Let´s see what today brings....

On the positive side however I may have been burning the candle at both ends...but I have caught up with a lot of orders and even started designing some new stock :) That´s the best bit...designing the new stock ;) I am awaiting a button, ribbon and brooch bar delivery...once they arrive I´ll be one even happier bunny! :) I am aiming to finish orders this weekend and then have at least half a day to myself where I can freely create or just chill out....depends on which mood takes me.....I´m guessing the creative mood will win over ;)

Happy Friday everyone! x


  1. Oh dear! You definitely sound poorly. Shouldn't be going in if you're ill, hun.

    Hope you are feeling a bit better today x x x :)

  2. I took the day off. I read this back and thought...Sam what are you doing? So, an almost full day sleeping and I am feeling much better. I think it´s my body´s way of making me stop! :) Haven´t yet tried any food...thats the next challenge!
    Thanks Hun x x x