Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh to be a cat....

...and have no worries. Spend your day dozing away, getting up to eat or to just move a inch further into the sunshine ;) Lucky cats!
This is a picture of Milo this morning who generally, each morning will come and lay like this happily purring away next to me while I work at "shop" - either convo-ing people, answering queries, updating orders or such like.
I have an exceptionally busy week this week. Lots of orders to get out by Friday, an Ofsted/Quality control man in work for the first half of the week (meaning...observation!) and a particulary difficult class to try and get back to a controlable level. So if the week fairy approached me and asked me if I would like to rub out this week and skip along merrily to next week I would jump at the chance...but considering I haven´t ever seen the week fairy, I think my chances are rather slim! :) lol
So here´s to positive thinking and having a productive and positive Monday!