Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Good Morning Starshine...the world says hello!

Good morning world! So today is the day the schools inspector goes and we can all breath a little better. I took my horrible class yesterday as well. although they still made snide comments and questioned me at every turn....I did good. I have decided that class has to be purely a business decision to do - I do not enjoy it but we need the money! ;)
Luckily I had my 4-5´s last night, who although were hyper....always make me smile and I get the added bonus of free cuddles! :)
The shop has been dead all week. I shouldn´t complain as I am managing to somewhat catch up with all these custom orders! But now I am having a ribbon dilema....I have nearly ran out of gingham ribbon and although I have ordered 15 metres of it over the internet, the post has been so slow recently and I just can´t trust it. I have been everywhere I know to try and source more...but no luck! Whats a girl to do?
Fingers crossed I get lucky and it comes today! I am however, expecting my new Moo Business cards today :) Same design for christmas...but I ran out of the others I have been that busy! :)
I have been cracking on with my Christmas shopping too! :) I have nearly bought everything...just a couple of really big things to buy and I am almost there! My favourite present is for my niece Lola, but then she is the perfect girlie girl and having an auntie who is the same....(moi) it is super easy to buy for her! I can´t wait to see her face when she opens them! :)
Well....I better get on with these custom orders! Happy Wednesday everyone! (nearly the weekend!) x


  1. get weaving on those orders...can you not get any gingham ribbon in Barcelona?

  2. Not the exact same type I have been using (red and white 15mm) - it´s not specialist or anything...but stocks of ribbon over here seem to be much lower than the good old UK?! I´ve ordered 15 metres of when it finally arrives i´ll be sorted for a while ;)