Friday, November 12, 2010

Strange day...a mentally disturbed woman started a fight with me....

...I have to add...she won! :) lol

No, seriously, a woman approached me and got very cross and distressed when I told her "I´m sorry, I don´t smoke". All in all she showed herself to be disturbed and ran away when I opened my bag. Very strange and very random, made more scary in a foreign country and a foreign language!
So, I uploaded this image of my bitten gingerbreadman...this is how I feel right now! :) lol thankfully now, however, I am back home, safe and sound and with wine! I rang my mum (good old supermum to the rescue), had a cry, had a moan and feel much better! Unfortunately though, this has made me loose a few hours pulling myself together when I should have been sewing orders! Hey ho...tomorrow and Sunday will be busy days! :) The shop is doing well at the moment and I am on the verdge of turning away work (something I REALLY; REALLY never want to do) because I have been unindated. I´ll just have to make these fingers sew faster!
Hope your all having a lovely Friday! Happy weekend everyone! x


  1. Sam....lovely to hear you are inundated with work, well done. Can you get any help with packing or runs to the PO......J

  2. Awwww Thanks hun! :) The boyf has offered his none exsistant sewing skills! :) lol
    Luckily I can bob to the PO on the way to work as it´s just round the corner from it, but other than, and my own 2 hands! Luckily I have been quite organised this week and had caught up until todays events! I am sure I will get back on top this weekend though!