Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dear Lee...

I am determinded today, as they put you to rest, as they lay you down to your final journey, that I remember the times we laughed, the times we just "hung out" as kids and that I remember you just as you were...A truely nice, kind, happy and thoughtful person. It is true that the good ones die early. It is only a few years ago we lost Louis and I remember talking to you about that then. He was so similar to you in those ways. I can´t blame the big guy upstairs for taking you both, If I was him I would too - but I hope he knows he´s got his work cut out with you two! :)
I used this photo for this blog as you will stay forever young, I however will get older and gain more and more wrinkles. I want you to know that some of those were caused by you! :)
I will miss you Lee and I will think of you often. Thanks for the memories and the laughs and rest in peace. When I get to the pearly gates - you better be there waiting for me! x x x x

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