Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Springtime feelings!

I am just LOVING the weather over here at the moment! All of the daff´s are out and the sun is shining brightly :) Infact, it was so hot the other day I got a bit of a tan ;) mmmmmm....nice!
I spent this afternoon potting up seedlings and re-planting plants for my "new-soon-to-move-into-house-with-a-garden" I got very excitied about the prospect of having a garden and not having the little balcony we have now! Not long...3 weeks! :) Happy Saturday guys! x


  1. I like your yellow type...yo match the daffs.

  2. hee hee I was a little worried people wouldn´t be able to read it, but i think its readable! :)