Sunday, March 6, 2011

What a lovely weekend!

What a lovely chilled out and relaxing weekend I have had :) The last fortnight had been so emotionally charged up and so busy with work that I was near exhaustion on Friday night. I didn´t sleep too well on Friday/Saturday but last night I slept so deep - for 12hours solidly! :) You know your tired when...!!!
We went and did some clothes shopping on Saturday which at the moment I hate, I´ve put on a bit of weight since moving here and it´s way over due me moving my butt and loosing it...! But I had got to the point where the only clothes I was wearing were looking a bit shabby and old. So my lovely boyfriend took me out and did some amazing confidence building that really helped. I managed to get a few bits sorted and get organised for the big diet starting tomorrow. Plus my boyfriend has said he is really going to help me - so I´m feeling positive. Today we have been very lazy, watching films, playing with Milo (pictured - helping daddy in his office! lol) and basically being very lazy. But it´s been blissful! :) Next week at work I am having a chilled out week (fingers crossed!) as it is offically the state schools half term (although my language school is staying open) so I am expecting quite a drop in number of students ;) Nice for a week eh?!
Plus I am loosing two classes due to the half term as I teach in two other even better :) I am planning on getting some creative stuff done so the shop is looking good! I am also expecting a fabric order and a ribbon order in the week :D Which I can´t wait for!!! I will, of course share the goodies on here when they arrive! :) Happy Weekend everyone! x

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