Thursday, March 10, 2011

Custom orders!

It´s such a lovely sunny day again today! Yay! :) Doesn´t it make you feel 100% better when the sun come out? :)
I´ve been a busy bunny...and so has the shop! I have had a number of big custom orders and lots of designs to get cracking on with - as well as a bit of sewing and painting to do! I love doing custom orders - They are such a creative process as you are taking someone elses basic idea and creatively playing with it - plus I have to design :)
So happy bunny!
My cat on the other hand...will not be a happy bunny soon....His behaviour is spiralling out of control and last night he kept us up most of the night scratching at doors, throwing things off tables, throwing his water bowl all over the place...etc...etc... Something i have never experienced with other cats I have had - the difference between my other cats and Milo? My other cats had the snip! So Milo is going into the vets for the op!!! We can take no more!!! :) lol
He´s a house cat (unlike my other cats) so we didn´t see the need in the op - but now...we do!!!
We have signed the papers for the new apartment as well!!! :) Move in date is the 8th April! :)
I´ll have a nice new space to work in - not my own room...but none the less plenty of space! and a nice big terrace to hand sew in :) I´ll keep you updated and post photos once we´re in :)
Happy Thursday everyone! x x


  1. glad about the orders, Sam. Poor Milo, hope he takes well to the move.

  2. Oh Jan...he had me up till 4am! Crazy cat! It has to be done now unfortunatley. I am pretty sure he will be good with the move...but I will put steps in place to make it easier on him. He´s generally a mummies boy, so as long as I´m there - he should be fine! :) lol