Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good friends...

Good friends really are quite hard to come by. Especially in foreign countries where there may be a language barrier...or just because the new country never truely feels like home (well at least for a little while). I am very fortunate to have some good friends here, but even more fortunate to have found a friend who likes sewing and creating as much as I do! Even more fortunate that we work together and very often have a good old gloat over new fabric, new ric-rac and so on in the staff room :) Well, my very good friend made this adorable little cat for me a while back and I have been meaning to share it with cute is he??? He sits so quietly and well behaved on my shelf and keeps an eye on my spools for me :)

Today, the weather is stunning! It´s 22 Degrees here and just lush!!! Summmer is just around the corner! :) We are still in packing and sorting mode and start to move things accross at the weekend so things will be a bit hectic from then on! Hope you are all managing to share Mr Sun with me!! Happy Thursday everyone! x


  1. Enough about summer around the corner....spring is not even in sight here. Would love to share Mr Sun with you.

  2. Hey! Glad he is behaving himself :) x x x
    And hey again! When but when can we go and get some more orange fabric?