Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To be patriotic or not? that is the question...

My lovely American friend Val (*Hi Val!) writes a fascinating blog ( and she recently wrote about the different areas of Spain and different offical and unoffical languages of this wonderful country. As you know, I live just outside Barcelona - within Catalunya (the orange bit on the map!). Catalunya, as with other regions of Spain was ruled over by Franco in 1939-75, Franco prevented the use or teaching of regional languages, for example: Catalan, other than Spanish. Areas such as Catalunya were supressed and controlled. I cannot imagine how this would have felt, especially for this amount of time. Because of this, the different regions in Spain have become very proud of their areas and regional languages. My friend Val does not have that "regional patrisim" that I have. She is extremely proud to be American, but doesn´t feel particulary "Delawarian" (or however you spelt it Val!) I however, can identify with Catalan people, and all regionally proud people. I´m originally from Yorkshire in the North of England...or the "Norf" as we call it :) I am extremely proud of being from the Norf, I love everything about it; the regional accents, the regional food "Yorkshire Puddings", the scenery, the people...everything. Go Yorkshire! Go Catalunya! :)
Just another insight to my little world....
Happy Wednesday folks! x

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