Saturday, December 4, 2010

The weekend has arrived! :)

Finally I have time to stop and sit down. Relax.

The past fortnight has been crazy busy with the day job and orders and I now feel I finally on top and I have conquered the moutain.

Thank goodness for that!

One of the perks of living in Spain is the bank holidays...they love their bank holidays over here! I have three days off (monday/tuesday/wednesday) next week as bank holidays ;) So I get a 5 day weekend :) ahhhhhhhh.... I am not planning on doing much, just getting on top of everything and getting re-organised! I am going back to the UK with my better half for 5 days over christmas and I can´t wait! :) See my family and friends and get that lovely warm feeling in your soul that fills you up. I also get to meet my new baby nephew Charlie, who is going to get well and truely spoilt by his auntie Sam :)

So the photos are of the Christmas tree in my studio (pink of course!) and the lovely, lovely, lovely ribbon I bought (20mtrs) for my gingerbreadmen. It looks so lovely on a reel like that! and very christmassey too! For those of you in the UK.....I hope your still managing to enjoy the snow! I´ve heard it´s been a bit of a nightmare....and for everyone else "Happy weekend!" and enjoy the festive feeling this lovely time of year brings you!