Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Homemade Christmas cake :)

Christmas cake is a pain in the bum to make. Especially the reciepe I like to use! Although it´s easy to takes ages of preparation; zesting and juicing oranges and lemons, chopping up nuts after roasting them....the list goes on...

So every year I make it, I have to give myself an afternoon to crack on with it, so I´m not under the pressure of time. So yesterday, being on holiday for the last 4 days I thought it was about time I gave myself time off from sewing and packing and get cracking with one :) and Voila!

It has yet to be iced and marzipaned...but I quite like it on it´s own ;)

(pics of before it´s numerous hours in the oven...and after. Yum!) Merry Christmas Everyone! x

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