Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A busy day ahead...

I´ve got a very busy day ahead of me. Back to work after three days bank holiday (thank you Spain!) and then in my break I have to get a train to central Barcelona and visit my dentist (one of my phobias) who may or may not remove a problem tooth, do a root canal or none of the above....however in my head there is also the option of rip out all of my teeth one by one because they are all rotten. The grown up in me soon realises the chances of this happening are seriously minimal, however the 8 year old phobic in me thinks this is a real possibility. Lol
I then have to dash back to work, to do two more classes, when I may or may not be fit to do so. I am also hoping from a finacial point that no work needs to be done...but I realise after being on anti-biotics for a week...there´s a big chance a lot does....
So then after my two classes...dash to the post office to send off a moutain of orders, dash back home and I have three or four things to list on the shop, a couple of orders to finish for posting tomorrow and at some point something to eat! :)
No rest for the wicked eh?
Happy Thursday everyone! x


  1. Oh my goodness Sam, you are going to need a lot of stamina. Have a great day.

  2. Sugar and Christmas cake ;) It´s getting me through the Christmas madness!