Sunday, December 5, 2010

Crafting & Creating...

Today I am up early. Not because I have to, infact I really don´t! I´m up because I am excitied I have the day to myslef to do as I please :) I can´t remember the last time I could slowly potter around creating or not, crafting, or not. It´s a nice feeling.

So, this morning I am going to pop into the English supermarket in Barcelona for some festive treats ;) I´m thinking mince pies, christmas cake, ginger ale and hopefully some gamon as I can´t get any anywhere to make a ham! Now, don´t get me wrong, on a day to day basis I eat more and more Spanish/Catalan meals...but it´s Christmas! How am I ever going to believe it´s christmas without a mince pie!
Then this afternoon I am going to create and craft till I am sick of creating...(it will be a late night then! lol)
Oh! I had a returning customer to my shop as well....more gingerbread ladies! :)
I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! Happy Sunday! x

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