Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year, New me :)

.....she says enthusiastically ;) lol

I had a good sort out of the studio over the weekend (tidyness does not come naturally to me at all!!!) and I sorted out a big pile of fabric I had...I hasen to add I have at least anopther pile like this to sort, but I was quite pleased with my neatness - if it only lasts a few days :) lol
I am dieting as well. Offically dieting. Urgh.....
But I am determinded to loose some weight and get back to the fit and healthy Sam I was....once.... :)
I am enrolling at our gym and going with a friend of mine to a three classes a week. Aerobics, a dance class and then a nice Thai-chi :) So what with regular exercise and dieting...I am hoping to see results in a month or so. I may need yor encouragement further down the line!!!
Happy Monday folks! x

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