Thursday, January 20, 2011

Handmade signs...

I was thinking back yesterday to how my little shop began and thought I would share it with you...

I met my boyfriend (he´s almost to old to call him that now really! lol) almost eight years ago on holiday in Menorca. Just like the great film Dirty Dancing, he worked on the Entertainment staff and I was a guest. I only had three days of my holiday left when I met him, but when I left we promised to see each other after his contract finished and 3 months later we did. He is obviously Spanish and over the course of the lasst eight years we have been living a long distant relationship, then together for 6 months in Spain, then a long distance relationship, then together again in England for 6 months and so on...

So during this time we were apart I was pretty heart broken and felt I had too much time on my hands to think about him and miss him. I have always been creative, but never to this level I currently am. My dad often does carboot sales and sells his homegrown plants and produce and I thought this would be a good way to occupy my time, so I started looking for things I could sell or make. I came accross a funny sign one day in a shop and after looking at it more closely discovered how easy it would be to make one myself. So I started researching on the internet for suppliers of wood and the other materials I needed and the rest as they say is history! :) I went to more and more craft fairs in the Uk and everytime I would sell out.

As our relationship became even more serious and the distance ever more present we decided one of us had to move to make it work. So I packed my things and said goodbye to the UK nearly two years ago and started to make Spain my home. I figured I would have to leave the craftiness behind, having very basic Spanish knowledge I would never be able to do craft fairs in Spain. Then I came accross Etsy :) I annot tell you how happy I was to find such a thing. But more importantly, a thing that worked well...that had a good reputation and was easy to use.

I have now been offically selling on Etsy for nearly 6 months and I have never looked back. As well as my signs I dusted off my sewing skills and now I am quite a dab hand sewing ;) I wish I had more time to develop things and design more but it fits quite nicely around teaching English and my ad-hoc hours of work.

So there you are...another piece of the pie that is me. Happy Thursday everyone! x

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