Friday, January 7, 2011

Back to work and braving the sales!

So back to work I go today :( Booooooo. Only 3 hours so I really can´t complain, but none the less I have to plan a lesson and then actually teach when I am still in eat chocolate and watch rubbish films mode.
I got up early this morning to brave the first day of the sales. BIG MISTAKE! It was so not worth my now lacking beauty sleep and the hords of people was ridiculous! I came back after an hour and a half and am now regretting getting up so early! urgh....
The Etsy shop has been pretty quiet since Christmas ( and I am not overly concerned, but I like it to tick over and not I must get creative this weekend and get it fully stocked! I think I might do a free giveaway on here as keep your eyes peeled!!! :)
Well....must get on...Happy Friday everyone! x

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