Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring has sprung!

It is really clear that Spring has sprung here in Barcelona! The sun has been shining strongly all week and it has enough heat in it for you to really feel it warming the skin...mmmmm.

It does make everyone feel so much better. It also allows you to get out and get some fresh air and blow away the cobwebs.

On another positive note...My laptop is back from the Laptop hospital and is so far (fingers crosse working well. It has to go back in for a check up next week and some further work, but I am so pleased to find out I didn't loose anything!!! I am one lucky, lucky girl! From here on in....back up! back up! back up! Everything is going to be backed up and saved to save the stress of loosing anything!!! So word of warning!!!!

Happy Friday all! Hope Friday treats you all well x

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