Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another busy Saturday...

Saturday is my favourite day of the week, not only because I was born on a Saturday (lol) but because I have time to work on the shop, uninterrupted, no classes to plan..or shock horror...teach. I can sew away. Of course, as with all creative businesses, not all Saturday's I feel inspired, so when a Saturday comes along in which I am inspired and fired up to go, I feel really happy at the end of the end of the day. There is something satisifying about getting a lot of things done. So, this Saturday was one of those days. I cracked on with five doorstop designs, six heart brooches and about fifty friendship bracelets! (I also managed to sneak in a cheeky glass of wine in the sunshine with a friend!) So, all in all, a productive day. With that in mind, I feel no guilt going out today with friends for a picnic in the park (and the gorgeous sunshine here in BCN) to listen to the jazz festival, more drinking wine in the sunshine me thinks! hee hee

Happy Sunday folks...hope you've got sunshine too! x

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