Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Princess for a day...

I was asked by my mother in law if I would mind dressing up as Cinderella for Carlota´s birthday party, (my boyfriends cousin who just turned four years old. Not at all I said, and so last weekend came and I got dressed up! :)
This is a pic of me getting ready!
It was a lovely party and Carlota looked very shocked and a bit star struck when she saw "Cinderella" bringing her birthday cake in! :)


  1. You look fabulous! Thank you so much! The pin cushion just arrived in all it's glory! I love it so much. It's so beautifully made and smells fabulous too with all that lavendar in the packaging. Thank you for including the pins too. I will be putting it all to good use very soon. A huge thank you!!!

  2. Awwww I am super glad it arrived safely and you love it! :) Yeah the lavender is my little obsession touch...I LOOOOVE the stuff! So I spread the love!
    You are more then welcome! keep your eyes peeled for the next give away! x