Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So...Jan asked me about Calçotada´s and if they are a traditional festival...etc...etc...

As far as I know they are typical events that run Feb-March in Catalunya (A region North of Spain), it simply celebrates the Calçots being in season. Calçots are a like an onioney-leek vegetable - as far as I know they not available in the UK....but I could be wrong! :) the idea of having Calçotada´s dates back and back...and back... the Calçots are BBQed and then there is an art form to taking the burnt outer leaves off in one go, to reveal the inner juicy vegetable part. this is dipped in a salsa made from pine nuts, garlic and numerous secret ingredients ;) and Voila! enjoy! People eat a big pile of them, then have a second course of BBQed meats all washed down with Catalunya´s champagne...Cava. All in all you eat for a week and drink for a month! :)

I am still recovering! lol :)

...so we have hit tuesday already! These weeks are going by so quickly! We had some bad news yesterday...our new apartment fell through :( I was really upset, but now we are back to full force viewing and calling estate agents. we have three or four to view on friday! Cross your fingers for us! :) Happy Tuesday folks! x


  1. thanks Sam. Is renting an apartment difficult in Spain? Here in Canada every thing is much more simple...ether you rent it or you don't. all over in an hour

  2. Yeah it is :( Everything over here is tied up in red tape...its a nightmare. But hopefully we´ll find another we like soon :)